Eradication Services

Eradication Services

Argyll Knotweed Control offers herbicide spraying and stem injection treatments carried out in compliance with the relevant legislation and by fully qualified and NPTC certified professionals.

Herbicide Spraying

Spraying with herbicide can be a very effective method of treatment although it can take three to four years for the full eradication of Japanese Knotweed with the Folia treatment. The herbicide is absorbed through the growing leaves and stems where it is translocated throughout the plant and root network. Control is usually improved if the herbicide is applied to both the topside and the underside of the leaves.

The most effective time to apply herbicides to Japanese Knotweed is in late summer. This is much more damaging to the underground rhizome system than applying herbicide in spring. Spraying may be carried out after cutting to reduce the height of the plant.

Stem Injection Treatment

Japanese Knotweed stem is bamboo-like in appearance: the stem is hollow with distinct raised nodes and in summer the mature plant reaches up to 3 metres in height. Stem injection applications involve delivering herbicide directly into the hollow stem (or cane) of the plant. Injections are made in the lower part of the stem, with each stem being marked to ensure complete coverage of an area. Delivering the herbicide directly into the plant above the root crown dramatically increases the translocating ability of the herbicide throughout the plants’ structure.

This method is most effective near water courses and where spraying is not an option, with limited threats to neighbouring vegetation. The stem injection method is proven to be the most effective method against re-growth and with this method there is no need to cut canes or handle plant material for disposal. Injections can be made anytime during the growing season.

Did you know?

“At the Olympic site in East London the RHS reports the cost of removing and disposing of Japanese Knotweed to be estimated at £70 million.”
The Environment Agency calls Japanese Knotweed “indisputably the UK’s most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant”

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Eradication Services

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